Our monthly day of prayer!

When:  The 2nd Tuesday of Every Month

Bonus Day:  The 2nd Saturday of Every Month (If you can't pray on Tuesday...or want to pray more!)

Through One Hope of Lane County, we partner with dozens of churches to pray for our community, with each church taking one day per month for concentrated prayer. On our day, you don't have to come to the church - just pray wherever, and whenever, it's convenient! The goal is to unite in prayer as we ask God to move in 10 life-shaping sectors of our community: 

                                                       Government                               Media

                                                       Business                                      Police & Fire Departments

                                                       Family                                          Sports

                                                       Education                                   Arts

                                                       Health Care                               Church

You can pick up the official Prayer Guide each month at church, or you can download a copy from the One Hope Community Prayer page.

Please join us...and then let's watch God work in our midst!