Our worship

Music. Communion. Prayer. Scripture. 

It's all part of worshipping our God together.

Sometimes our mood is fun & upbeat...sometimes we're quiet & reflective...as we humbly let the Spirit lead us into the presence of God, in whatever way He chooses. 

Because worship is about meeting God, and inviting Him to refresh us.

We take the Bible seriously, so the sermon is a major part of our worship experience. Yet our goal is not merely to add to our knowledge of Scripture - as vital as that is - but to encounter the living God in the pages of His living Word. We want to let the Spirit write the Father's truth on our minds...and sear it into our hearts...and use it to shape our lives.

Because we want to become ever more like Jesus in our attitudes and actions.  

Most importantly - to remind us of who we are and why we gather - we take Communion together each and every week. 

Because without the death and resurrection of Jesus our worship would be pointless.

And, of course, fellowship before and after the service is a vital part of each Sunday morning. We want to continually deepen our relational connections, so we can walk with each other through the successes and failures of life. 

Because the best way - the richest way - to experience the life of faith is in the midst of a loving, gracious, and forgiving community. 

Each time you worship with us, our hope is that you will leave different than when you arrived. Our deepest desire is that you will enter the week ahead with a sense of renewal, and a stronger faith...because you have been with God and His people.