Because of our passion to help people Know Jesus, Grow in Jesus, and Go Serve Jesus, we invest more than 10% of our church finances each year in local, regional, and global outreach. This involves everything from service projects, to ministry training, 

to cross-cultural evangelism. 

Scroll down to see the many ways we extend the reach of our church!

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Ridgeview Elementary School - Thurston:  Throughout each school year, we provide practical support to school families in need (such as emergency food or supplies), and take on various projects to encourage the faculty and staff. 

Dove Medical - Eugene:  This community non-profit provides free obstetrical ultrasounds, counseling, and support for women facing an unintended pregnancy. 

EveryOne Church - Eugene:  E1 Church is an innovative new work in West Eugene. The primary mission of the church is expressed through Everyone Village; a city-sponsored "Safe Sleep Site" to help address the challenge of homelessness in the city. The Village focuses on holistic care, striving to meet the physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual needs of the Villagers. As the staff helps Villagers to flourish, they model the love and care of Jesus, and encourage people to place their trust in Him. 


Boise Bible College - Boise, ID:  BBC is dedicated to training men and women to become godly servant leaders in the church. In particular, the school aims to prepare gifted students for a life of service in pastoral ministry or cross-cultural missions.

The CEA - Seattle, WA The CEA partners with established churches like ours to start brand new churches throughout the Pacific Northwest. CEA staff recruit, train, send, and support entrepreneurial pastors, who place a primary focus on reaching new people to increase the citizenship of God's Kingdom.

Global outreach

Pastor Aury Villa - Dominican Republic:  Aury left the business world to dedicate himself to a life of ministry service, and he started the Ministerio Sanando Almas Church that has a growing and influential ministry with families and children. He also has a weekly radio show where he shares the message of Jesus in ways designed to encourage believers, and get the attention of spiritual seekers. 

Missionary * - Nepal:  We support an evangelist who is a gifted preacher with a heart for spiritually lost people. He visits villages where most people never have heard of Jesus, and he has helped hundreds of them become followers of Christ.

Missionary * - Turkey:  The team in this country seeks to be a light of the truth and love of Jesus, both to their local neighbors and to refugees in their area. They visit families in their homes for prayer, building relationships, and sharing the gospel. They serve refugee families practically through transportation with their car, food, clothing, heating stoves, medicine, school supplies, and legal help as needs are seen.

Haitian Christian Mission - Haiti: The HCM team offers an array of services to "feed the mind, body, and spirit of the Haitian people." Through schools, medical care, evangelism, and sustainability initiatives, they help Haitians experience the love of Jesus in practical ways.

Nan Plaisir School:  This Christian School (and several others) is a ministry of Haitian Christian Mission. Sadly, the public-school system in Haiti is failing, and without private schools like the one in the rural community of Nan Plaisir, children would not be able to get a decent education. Our church has "adopted" this school, so many of our members provide individual financial support to help the school succeed. For just a few dollars a month, you can feed and educate a child, support the staff, and help this school to thrive! To learn more, and make a contribution, please visit the "Support-a-School" page of the HCM website. 

* The names of these missionaries are not listed because doing so could place them at risk.