Mike Roncaglia

Lead PastoR

Mike Roncaglia became our Lead Pastor in August of 2023. (He's pictured here with his wife, Jill, and their son, Jonas). 

In his role as Lead Pastor, Mike works with the church Elders to set the vision, tone, and direction of our church. He also does the bulk of the Sunday morning preaching.

Mike brings a wealth of experience to his role, with a strong background in preaching, discipleship, and organizational leadership. We are in an exciting new season at TCC...and we invite you to be part of it!

Contact Info: 
541-746-4228 x204



Executive PASTOR

Bruce has a diverse background in both ministry and the marketplace. He has been a lead pastor, a teaching pastor, and has served as a coach and mentor to many younger people in ministry. As TCC's Executive Pastor, Bruce oversees much of the church's daily operations and administration, he supports Mike in his work with our Elders, and he also preaches on Sunday morning from time-to-time. 

Contact Info:
541-746-4228 x201